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Bond – Rack Safety & Maintenance Plan

Are your warehouse storage systems compliant?

Bond offers Rack Safety & Maintenance Plan for new and existing racking installations, demonstrating your businesses commitment to comply with Malaysia’s DOSH regulations and the international standards for storage equipment such as F.E.M.

Pallet racking inspections and housekeeping are one safety aspect of warehouses that is commonly overlooked. Impact damage can weaken pallet racking structures, compromising its load carrying capacity and potentially putting property and personnel at serious risk.

Bond’s regular safety and maintenance audits and reporting monitors damage, wear and tear and ensures your installations safe operation and longevity.

Our inspectors will accurately check and document the integrity of your pallet racking system, warning you of potential hazards and advising you on preventative measures.

At minimal cost a Bond Safety & Maintenance Agreement provides your business with:

• Bi-annual safety audit inspections
• Damage reporting
• Warehouse layout drawings
• Loading capacity compliance updates
• Emergency rack inspection
• Quick remedial action


Bond - Prevention is Better Than Cure


Rack Protection

There are a number of rack protection items available that will reduce impact damage to your pallet racking system.

Bond has extensive experience with the many forms of protection available and will make a suitable recommendation for your business.

This recommendation is done in consultation with you and your warehouse personnel to ensure that warehouse functionality and safety are both maintained.