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about us

Mission Statement

Bond Systems Integrators Sdn Bhd is dedicated to helping companies compete in their markets by providing the best in engineered storage and material handling systems, solutions and information technology.

To meet this goal, we want a company that our people are proud of and committed to, where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow, and advance based on merit. We want our people to feel respected, treated fairly, listened to, and involved. Above all, we want satisfaction from accomplishments and friendships, blended personal and professional lives, and to have fun as we compete in the marketplace.

The Company

Established in 2006, Bond Systems Integrators Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia’s most experienced and professional warehouse solutions providers and suppliers of industrial and commercial storage systems, it has now emerged as the most promising logistics systems and solutions provider in the industry. As an independent, privately owned and operated business, Bond is motivated to providing storage solutions for its clients based on their individual business requirements.

Solutions Philosophy

At Bond we recognize that every business is unique and to achieve the most effective storage system requires specialized engineering, creativity and thorough understanding of your business requirements now and in the future. This understanding along with our extensive knowledge of the storage products available in the market place enables us to provide you with an expandable system in line with your business plan.
Bond’s Process:

  • Understanding
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation
  • Implementation

Bond is staffed by a team of qualified, sales and design professionals with extensive experience in distribution and storage systems. Staffs and its carefully appointed contractors are experienced in all phases – from initial evaluation, planning and design to the on-site implementation of your storage systems.

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t always meet the requirements of your product, facility or process. In such an event, Bond can design tailored solutions that will provide the most efficient storage system in both cost and operation.

IT and Services Include

Customized Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


Order Picking using AIOI Pick-to-Light system and Customized Picking Software


Archive Storage Systems and customized File Storage and Retrieval Software


Rack Maintenance Program


Supply Chain Execution (SCE)


Business Solutions



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